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Anna Sharpe Versus the Cyberbully


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Joshua Z. Kant

Over thirty-eight years, Anna Sharpe has mastered the art of teaching fourth graders-just in time for an involuntary transfer to Erickson Middle School, where she is now tasked with handling hordes of social media-obsessed tweens!  Her new friend in the multimedia lab, Toni Terendi, loves integrating technology as much as possible, but Anna sees things differently, based on her battles with a complex computer system and the rampant student cell-phone use in and out of class.  Making matters worse, a questionable new type of pet animal from Transylvania has suddenly become all the rage in town.

    When a conflict between a recently enrolled student and a group of cool kids escalates, will Anna have what it takes to save her new school from disaster? Or is everything (and everyone) at a certain point, obsolete?  With an upbeat, melodic score set firmly in the 21st century, Anna Sharpe Versus the Cyberbully is a musical comedy of the moment.  (approximately 60 minutes)

Selected Songs

New Schoolfeaturing Victoria Huston-Elem
00:00 / 04:23
My Dadfeaturing Jeanne Ranlet
00:00 / 02:27
Check Out What I Texted Youft. Amy Dolce, Victoria Huston-Elem and Jeanne Ranlet
00:00 / 03:01
What's Really Going Onfeaturing Victoria Huston-Elem
00:00 / 04:16
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